Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)

Solar PhotoVoltaic are cells which convert the sun’s solar energy into Direct Current (DC) Electricity.

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What is Solar PV?

Solar PhotoVoltaic are cells which convert the sun’s solar energy into Direct Current (DC) Electricity. An inverter is then used to convert the Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC) so that the electricity is compatible with household appliances. The photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s rays via a semi conducting substance, usually silicon. There are three types of PV solar panels – utilizing either monocrystalline silicon cells; polycrystalline (multicrystalline) cells or amorphous silicon cells. Electricity generated is measured in kilowatt peak (kWp).

Do clouds affect generation?

Solar PV arrays require daylight to generate energy; therefore electricity is still generated even on a cloudy day, the best conditions for generating solar energy would be a sunny day.

What is an Inverter?

As with many small scale electricity generators, the energy created by the solar pv panels is generated in direct current (DC). As domestic appliances are deigned to run an alternating current (AC), something needs to be done to the direct current generated to make it suitable for domestic use. The process of converting direct current into alternating current is performed by a piece of equipment called an inverter. This is installed by NextGen Energy Solutions as part of your installation and is located as near as physically possible the solar panels as installed. Typically the ideal inverter location is within the loft space. Designed in accordance with delivery of varying levels of performance, the inverter unit must be carefully specified in accordance with the installation to maximize system performance. NextGen Energy Solutions choose from a number of different inverter suppliers all of whom carry appropriate certification. Your design consultant will ensure that the best inverter is selected for your installation and will talk this through in full.

What is a mounting system?

The mounting system is the equipment installed by NextGen Energy Solutions which secures the solar pv panels to the agreed installation location; in the vast majority of installation this being the external roof space although systems can also be ground mounted. Whichever location is most suitable, components must be structurally tested and engineered to the highest standards to ensure the most robust levels of installation. Being exposed to the elements 24 x 7 emphasises the need for well installed panels to ensure system performance is maintained and also the danger of fixings becoming loose are eliminated. Dependent on your roof pitch and design, we have a wide range of roof mounting design options from which to choose that will best suit your particular installation. 365 Solar will ensure the mounting system installed at your home will be the best fit solution engineered to the highest standards.

NextGen Energy Solutions use only the highest quality mounting systems to ensure our customer can enjoy real peace of mind during the installation of their solar pv system and also for many years beyond…

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