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What are Biomass Boilers?

Biomass boilers burn biomass fuels extremely efficiently and use the heat produced to provide heating and hot water. They can also be more cost effective and efficient than fossil fuel boilers, especially in rural or off mains gas areas but can also produce savings in on mains gas areas.

Why Biomass Boilers?

Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy. When burnt the carbon dioxide (CO²) that is released into the atmosphere is only the CO² that the plant would release when it died and decomposed. In other words, it creates a ‘closed carbon cycle’ where the same amount of CO² is absorbed from the atmosphere by the biomass as is released when it is burnt, making it carbon neutral.

Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce net co² emissions by 90%.

Biomass boilers are very efficient. Using the best of modern technology, biomass boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency – dramatically more than conventional boilers. Sophisticated control systems and burn efficiency means that heat and fuel are not wasted. There is very little ash, and the small amount that is produced can go straight onto your garden as fertilizer.

Benefit of Wood Fuels:

  • Cheaper than fossil fuels
  • Highly efficient heating combustion methods
  • Renewable form of energy
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels
  • Work efficiently with both underfloor or radiator systems
  • Encourages local energy production and consumption
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminates acid rain (biomass contains no sulphur)
  • Reduces amounts of landfill (waste wood used as biomass fuel)
  • Promotes biodiversity through the sustainable management of woodlands
  • Will help to minimize the impact of haulage costs

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